Title: They Disappear at 22 Frames Per Second (Still)

Medium: Etching, photogravure

Paper: Somerset Velvet Paper Gray, Twinrocker Patriot, Magnani Revere Suede White

Image Size: 13x11.25 inches (w/h)

Edition: 30

Year: 2018

This print is derived from a sculpture collaboration with David D’Orio. The photogravure and hard ground etching depicts flip boxes attached to a chair, combined with drawing in multiple dimensions — part video still and part layered scene of a dead body of a child and floating dandelion seeds. The imagery was informed by the horrific images of a Syrian refugee boy whose lifeless body was washed ashore at a beach in Turkey.

Migration, war, escape, hope and solitude are still with us today. The print speaks to a history of war and displacement that has been with us throughout evolution. The artwork — both haunting, dreamy and cruel is a reminder how beautiful life can be, yet it is fragile with change being a constant.

The etching is titled "22 Frames Per Second/Still," by artist Henrik Sundqvist.