Nils Henrik Sundqvist is a Swedish-American artist, designer, and printmaker. He works out of his studio in Arlington, VA and is an affiliate of the print shop Discover Graphics at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA.

His art is rooted in environmental and socio-political topics ranging from pesticides, pollinators, displacement and gun culture. Sundqvist has an extensive background in commercial art, design and a deep interest in illustration and typography which shows in his many prints and mixed-media artworks. Detailed line work, inclusion of text and symbolism set against surreal elements and environments complete his storytelling.

He is interested in how ideas are constructed and then deconstructed, how they function and fail within their social structures and environments in which they are created. Sundqvist’s art attempts to navigate the in-between, the dream state, the real and sometimes not so real — exposing a playing field for his narratives and symbolism to coexist and at times resist each other.

Sundqvist was born in Sweden in 1970, raised bilingually in Germany and moved to the United States in 1996. Since coming to the U.S., he has resided in Houston, TX, Tucson, AZ and Arlington, VA. He earned a MFA in communication design from the Hochschule Mannheim, Germany and a second MFA in painting from the University of Houston, Texas. His work has been included in museums, nonprofit art centers and commercial galleries.