King of the Forest

buzz detail

I exhibited with sculptor David D’Orio three new installations at the Arlington Arts Center in 2016.

The three art works in the show presented a sandwich board advertising campaign for pollinators; a food chain merry-go-round that is a metaphor for food that comes around and goes around, and around, and around; and an image of the state of industrial food production as repetition, re-production, and the packaging of the idea of control.




The Garden Project

gnome detail

The garden project was exhibited at the BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD in 2015.  The work depicts domestic aspects of modern living with both natural and unnatural elements. The art work is derived from DuPont's 1935 advertising slogan "Better Things for Better Living...Through Chemistry." Chemical inventions often start out as solutions to human perceived problems.  Often the creations have unintended human and environmental consequences — both in commercial or domestic applications.  In addition, they enter into the world of corruptive forces such as market economies, politics, and human greed. My art aims to open up a dialogue about the chemical solutions and the systems we have chosen to support.